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This is quite confusing. The Nigerian military and the presidency is claiming that Boko Haram didn’t capture Bama yesterday, which is contrary to what many media sources including Sahara Reporters, AIT, Channels, BBC and Punch are reporting. According to Nigerian military, the Nigerian Armed Forces chased out Boko Haram from Bama town yesterday and even killed 59 insurgents but according to Punch today, I80 people were killed yesterday during the battle with the insurgents. 

They said the spokesman of the youth vigilante in the town, Barr. Jubrin Gonda, made this revelation. And according Channels TV, residents said the insurgents have gained control of the town. Witnesses say after the initial military intervention in repelling the attack. The sect members re-grouped and launched a successful attack on the town which they say is presently under the control of the sect. 

The reports from Channels TV
A military officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as he was not authorised to speak on behalf of the military, says the soldiers on ground did their best in repelling the first attack but ran out of ammunition as there was no reinforcement for subsequent operation. “I can confirm to you that the soldiers on ground did their best in repelling the first attack but we ran out of ammunitions and it will not be a surprise if they have eventually taken control of the town“We needed immediate reinforcement but nothing came and I can categorically tell you that there is sabotage somewhere,” the army officer said.He said the foot soldiers were willing to end the insurgency but lacked needed support.Report says the insurgents also launched an attack on Mongonu town which also has a military barracks like that of Bama.The Bama military barracks last year suffered attack by the dreaded sect members, as part of the barracks was vandalised during the attack.At the moment, Madagali in Adamawa State, as well as Gwoza, Pulka and now Bama of Borno State are under the control of the dreaded sect members the Boko Haram.President Goodluck Jonathan had in July requested for immediate approval of one billion dollars external borrowing by the National Assembly to tackle insurgency and terrorism in Nigeria’s north-east.In a letter to the Senate, read by the President, David Mark, President Jonathan said the money would be used to upgrade the equipment of the Nigerian Armed Forces.President Jonathan stressed that there was an urgent need to upgrade the equipment, training and logistic of the country’s Armed Forces and Security services to enable them confront the serious threat posed by Boko Haram sect more forcefully.The loan has not been approved. http://dlvr.it/6nmRm7 ff asap

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay just pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated … stemming from a March arrest. 55-year-old Irsay appeared in court Tuesday morning in Indianapolis — where he was… http://dlvr.it/6nm3wD ff asap ff asap

Justin Bieber got arrested in Canada after a crash between an ATV and a minivan … and now faces charges of dangerous driving and assault.Bieber was taken into custody Friday afternoon in Perth County, Ontario. Police say there was a physical… http://dlvr.it/6nm3t4 ff asap ff asap

Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora ended up on the same flight out of Los Angeles Monday, which wouldn’t be a big deal … until you remember Kim has MAJOR BEEF with Rita!!!As TMZ first reported, Kim still blames Rita for her bad breakup with Rob… http://dlvr.it/6nm3pm ff asap ff asap

From a female LIB reader
My ex-boyfriend and I had a conversation yesterday about the reason he dumped me four years ago to marry another girl he’d started dating about two years after we started dating. My ex and I started dating in 2008, but by early 2010 he met another woman who he married nine months later. He broke up with me just four months before the wedding. I was so hurt and devastated that for three years I would not give another man a chance. I didn’t have closure because I was tormented by why he chose another woman over me. Eventually we had the conversation yesterday after we met at a mutual friend’s wedding on Saturday. What he told me was shocking. He said he loved me more but decided to marry the other lady because she earned more than I did. I was earning N85k at the time while the lady was earning N250k. He figured an extra N165k was enough reason to marry her. How is this even a reason to marry? Are some men this small minded? Is this a genuine reason or he just said it to throw me off? I wanted closure but this has made me more confused. http://dlvr.it/6nl2Wr ff asap

Seems Blake Griffin is back ON with Brynn Cameron — because the two spent Labor Day weekend TOGETHER … hangin’ out on the beaches of Hawaii with their adorable kid. As we previously reported, Blake and Brynn have been on-and-off over the… http://dlvr.it/6nkbMj ff asap ff asap

Manny Pacquiao is following 50 Cent and Nelly’s lead — bashing Floyd Mayweather for his apparent lack of formal education. Manny was doing an interview with NJ.com when he started going off on the boxing champ. “I think I finally understand him… http://dlvr.it/6nkbGg ff asap ff asap

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Chris Brown was in court today and according to reports, he accepted a plea deal in his Washington D.C. assault case.
Chris Brown pleaded guilty, and telling the judge he just wants this case to go away so he can go on tour. Brown had been charged with misdemeanor assault for punching a man in the face outside his tour bus last October. The judge sentenced him to time already served. Brown apologized in court … saying the case had derailed his career for the past year. Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche was also in the courtroom lending moral support.” TMZ reports… http://dlvr.it/6nkH72 ff asap

Chris Brown just accepted a plea deal in his Washington D.C. assault case … pleading guilty, and telling the judge he just wants this case to go away so he can go on tour.Brown had been charged with misdemeanor assault for punching a man in the… http://dlvr.it/6njshW ff asap ff asap

RZA takes a very practical approach to the celebrity nude photo scandal … hackers can’t steal what does not exist. Our photog spotted the Wu-Tang legend at LAX Monday … when we asked him about the scandal that has affected dozens of celebs… http://dlvr.it/6njsf2 ff asap ff asap

This is the dress she wore to the Carter/Chukwuma wedding last Saturday! It’s by Nigerian designer Huda Fadoul Abacha, of Hudayya Couture, who is married to Sadiq Abacha, one of the Abacha sons. http://dlvr.it/6njZrJ ff asap

The 8 year old marriage between Vivi, the daughter of defunct Oceanic Bank CEO, Cecilia Ibru and her husband, Aleksander Stankov, has been dissolved by the court, Encomium magazine, reports.
The high court of Imo state presided over by Honorable Justice Ngozi Opara severed severed the marital vows that existed between the two once-upon-a-time lover after Aleksander approached the court to seek for the dissolution of his marriage to Vivi who is the mother of his three children.For sometime now, Vivi and Aleksander have been staying apart with Aleks accusing his wife of refusal to play the dutiful and humble wife. No one took them serious at the initial stage until the period Vivi moved out of their matrimonial home with the couple’s three children. All entries from Family and friends to reconcile the two parties didn’t work as their dream of a beautiful future together came crashing down.” Continue…
Vivi however is not taking the divorce issue likely. Immediately, she got notice her marriage has been dissolved at the instance of her husband, she went to court to obtain a restraining order bearing her estranged husband  from coming close to the children. Her prayers were reportedly granted at the Principal Registry of the Family Division in London. Her claim was Aleks is violent and assaults her at will.
To counter her claim, Aleksander rushed to obtain his own order granting him access to the children which he also got with the condition that Vivi and her mother, Mrs Cecilia Ibru must be there anytime Alek makes contact with the children at an agreed date and time.
As the legal fireworks rage, Aleksander moved to Nigeria and filed for another divorce in Imo state, Nigeria and ultimately obtained dissolution of the marriage which is what Vivi is challenging in court now. She claimed in her own petition that she was not aware of the case filed by her husband. She is in the court of appeal to overturn the judgement of the lower court in the dissolution of the marriage, maintaining it was obtained by fraud. Presently, Vivi is in London while the fight to reverse the judgement, especially the position which she gave her estranged husband the custody of the children continues.
Aleksander Stankov and Vivi got married at Our Savior’s church, lagos in 2006. Vivi’s mother, Cecilia Ibru pulled heavyweights to the lavish wedding of the year and eight years on, the union has packed up. On Fridat August 29th 2014, we sent a message to Vivi who is presently in London for her reaction. She didn’t reply till we went to court.
Culled from Encomium magazine  http://dlvr.it/6njZmL ff asap

21 yr old Madalina Pamfile, who is the girlfriend of AC Milan midfielder, Cristian Daminuta, posted this bizarre pic above of her dog nibbling her breast through her pink bra with the caption “My new love”. Of course the racy pic caused a lot of backlash with many followers suggesting she is probably intimate with her dog. When challenged over the pic, Madalina said;”He didn’t eat the bra, he only nibbled it a bit, and then got bored. Envy is a sin, but honesty covers it. So I honestly envy this fluffy little thing.”. Is there anything wrong with the pic though? See photos of the model after the cut…

http://dlvr.it/6nhtp7 ff asap

IndyCar champ Tony Kanaan says his car is like his second wife … and nobody gets to put their hands on it but him … which is why he refuses to let valets park it at restaurants. Kanaan — who took the checkered flag at the MAVTV 500 in… http://dlvr.it/6nhQYG ff asap ff asap