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Lakers star Nick Young thought he was gonna go into real-life survival mode after hearing that a real “purge” was going down in Chicago … telling TMZ Sports, “I thought I was gonna have to shoot a couple people.”Of course, the “Purge” rumors were… http://dlvr.it/6mMBc6 ff asap ff asap

Wiz Khalifa’s number one album is his victory, but Amber Rose is sharing the spoils with the world.To celebrate Wiz’s “Blacc Hollywood” topping the Billboard album charts, Rose posted a video of herself on Instagram twerking away … captioning it,… http://dlvr.it/6mKgkK ff asap ff asap

Tyson Beckford and ex-girlfriend Shanina Shaik reunited at the U.S. Open this week, a month after her brief dalliance with Justin Bieber … that led to Beckford giving us one of the greatest quotes ever.As you’ll recall … Bieber and Shaik… http://dlvr.it/6mK6jX ff asap ff asap

5 year old AvaLynn was nearly disfigured when she was allegedly attacked by another pupil at her Elementary school in Mississippi this week. The most bizarre thing about this story is that the school is maintaining that she was not attacked, rather she got the horrific injuries in an accident while playing on the playground. Makes no sense. This looks more like a vicious attack to me.

Her mother and other relatives have opened a Facebook page for the young girl to tell what happened to her and share photos of her injuries, while seeking for justice. Below is what they wrote on the Facebook page about the incident…
“On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, Lacey Harris was called go come pick up her daughter at Arlington Elementary School in Pascagoula, Mississippi, because AvaLynn had been injured in an accident. The sight Lacey found when she got to Ava’s school was a parents’ nightmare: her face swollen, cut, and bruised beyond recognition.” Continue…
Lacey rushed Ava to the family pediatrician, who burst into tears upon seeing the Ava’s battered visage. Fortunately, the doctor determined that it is unlikely that Ava would have any permanent physical damage. Mental and emotional damage is another story altogether.

AvaLynn informed Lacey that she was assaulted by another student: that she was kicked repeatedly in the face until she fell off of the slide on the school’s playground. The school informed Lacey were no teachers present when the incident occurred, and because of that, no one could prove whether or not another student had harmed Ava.After days of Lacey, friends, and family members reaching out to local news stations and to Facebook and other social media bodies, the school finally released a statement: AvaLynn was injured as the result of an accident, one that involved no other children. Although a police report was filed, Pascagoula Police Department states that they are not investigating the situation.The school basically claims that Ava injured herself, as all the photos depicting her injuries will debunk. The local PD claims that there has been no criminal act, which the injury photos also disprove.So now we’ve taken this to Facebook, asking everyone out there to please share this page, to please share AvaLynn’s story. We need this to reach as many people as possible so that this little girl will not go without justice. Please share this with your friends, your relatives, and all your local news outlets. Please help us get the answers and the justice that our little angel deserves.The Pascagoula School District issued the following statement about the incident:
“A student was injured while playing on the playground at Arlington Elementary School Tuesday afternoon. School officials responded to the situation. The parent was contacted and the student received medical treatment. No other children were involved in the incident. The Pascagoula School District remains committed to the safety of all its students.”

The mother of the girl, Lacey Harris (pictured above with AvaLynn), wrote on Friday night:
“As much as my heart is broken for my daughter, I am also amazed by the outpouring of love and support from our family, friends, Oasis church family and our community. Thank you so much for your concern, kind words, prayers, thoughts, shares, and donation. We ask that you continue these kind gestures.”How do you fall and receive such injuries? This school should be temporarily shut down pending investigation. http://dlvr.it/6mHLfW ff asap

Dennis Akagha, the fiance of Justina Ejelonu, the First Consultant Hospital nurse who died after being infected with the deadly Ebola virus by Liberian Patrick Sawyer, in this exclusive interview with Vanguard spoke about how his late fiancee contracted the deadly disease, how she lost their unborn child while battling with Ebola, and also revealed that Justina had just landed the job at the hospital and met Sawyer on her first day there. He also spoke on how he got infected with the virus and how he finally got discharged. Fimd the in-depth interview after the cut…

On his relationship with the late Justina, Dennis said;”The  truth is that Justina and I were not legally married, we were planning for our traditional marriage in October and she just got this job. She was a qualified graduate nurse and got the job at the First Consultant Hospital in Lagos. She resumed duty at the hospital on the 21st of July, while Patrick Sawyer was admitted at the hospital on the 20th. He was her first patient. She was one of the nurses that nursed him. She was pregnant and so her immune system was weak, which made it easy for her to contract the disease. On that first day which was a Monday, she was having some pregnancy symptoms, but I just encouraged her to go because it was her first day at work. Sawyer was her first patient. The next day, Tuesday, she didn’t work on Sawyer. Wednesday and Thursday, she was off. Then on Friday, Patrick Sawyer died. They didn’t know he had Ebola, it was three days later that they realized it was Ebola” he saidOn how he found out she had contracted the deadly virus, he said”It was after Sawyer died that she told me she nursed him but that she was on gloves. She even thanked God that she didn’t have direct contact with him. The fever continued and we thought it was just pregnancy symptoms and even when she went to her hospital, they confirmed the same thing. She took drugs and ran tests, yet it persisted. At night, she was usually cold and feverish and her body temperature was usually very high. At a point, I began to suspect that she had contacted the virus. I did some research on the disease and realised that she was having similar symptoms. On the 14th of August, it became serious, she started stooling and vomiting. I had to clean up everything. All of a sudden, she started bleeding and she started crying that she had lost the pregnancy. I had to call her relatives and other people. The bleeding persisted and I had to clean up everything. Initially I was not wearing gloves because I felt I had already been exposed to the virus. But later I cautioned myself and started wearing nylon on my hands. But I couldn’t stay away from her. I kept consoling her. Even when I took her to the hospital, she wanted to hold me and I told her to also consider my safety. She managed to hold herself and was able to find her way out in a pool of her blood. We chartered a taxi to the hospital, but first, I took her to First Consultant Hospital because I felt they should know more. When we got there, I was directed to IGH, Yaba. I told the taxi driver to take us there. The driver wasn’t even aware of what was going on as he took us to Yaba.  Justina was on the floor for 30 minutes before she was attended to. She was screaming that she was going to die. She was seriously bleeding, she had to come out of the taxi and lay on the floor. I ran around, trying to get doctors to attend to her. After everything, they took her in, took her blood samples and the following day, the result came out that it was Ebola. They washed the taxi with chlorine and also bathed the taxi driver and I with chlorine spray. At that point, the taxi driver knew what was going on, he couldn’t even take me home because he was so scared. I had to look for somewhere to pass the night in the hospital. Early the next morning, I left the Hospital. The taxi driver is alive today, nothing happened to him. We have been checking on him and the last time we spoke he told me, he was fine” he said.On what happened after he was exposed to the virus, Dennis said; “14 days after I was exposed to Ebola, my temperature rose from the usual 35.2 degrees centigrade to 37.2. The Lagos State government gave me a thermometer the day I dropped Justina off at the centre. It took them two straight weeks to visit my home and to disinfect it. Before they came, I had already done the much I could do. I used bleach and detergent to clean the whole house, furniture and clothes inclusive. We should be reminded and educated that a healthy person with Ebola virus cannot get anybody infected, except if the person is sick and totally down with the virus like what happened to Sawyer and to my late wife-to-be, Justina. I contacted the virus because Justina was very sick and I was taking care of her without any appropriate protection. When we knew what we were dealing with it was almost too late for me as I had already contacted the virus” he said.On what was done for him after his visit to the Isolation centre, Dennis said”The Lagos State government sent health professionals to check on me regularly to know how l was doing or if l had the signs of the virus manifesting. So they used to come around to check on me. At some point they created scenes with their visits. I was embarrassed and I was stigmatized. I complained severely to them that I didn’t like what they were doing. Then, one Saturday they visited again, I complained about the pains I was beginning to experience; excruciating pains around my waist. I started praying and asking people to pray for me. Before this time, I believed in the Holy Communion, so I usually take it daily and do feet washing. I was going to the hospital daily to see late Justina. Initially, I was seeing her through the window and she would say I should take her out of the hospital. She complained of lack of care. Perhaps, Justina would have survived the virus, if not for the state she was in. Her immune system was down because she was pregnant. Along the line, she had a miscarriage and lost the baby due to the Ebola virus disease. The doctors, who were supposed to do an evacuation on her couldn’t do it because they claimed that an evacuation was too risky as she was heavily infected and may pass on the virus to another person. Since nothing was done even after the bleeding had stopped, it led to more complications for her because the already dead foetus somehow got rotten in the womb and started a damaging process which led to further complication. Meanwhile, she was still stooling and vomiting and since nobody could dare to touch her, she was left on top of her excretions even when she couldn’t do much for herself due to her weak state. She was given her incisions and other drugs. I believe if some people survived Justina should have been one of them. At a point, I wished I was a doctor myself; I would have taken the risk of doing the evacuation because it really affected her”.On the last day he say his late fiancee, Dennis said ”The last day I saw her, I had to go inside the ward because she was so unkempt as nobody attended to her. At that time, the quarantined patients were in the former facility where there was no water and she had messed up herself again. I had to look for water to clean her up, change her pampers and arrange her bedding. Since I was aware of what I was dealing with, I got myself protected while cleaning up the place. I made sure she looked better than when I saw her. Justina was shivering the last day I saw her, one side of her stomach was already swollen, and her legs were also swollen. I prayed for her.At a point, she needed oxygen and the hospital couldn’t provide it. Her friends had to provide it. That was the last day I saw her. On Sunday Morning, I called her line like I usually did before visiting her, but she didn’t pick her calls. When I got to the hospital, I was told that she was dead”.Asked if late Justina was taking his calls while she was at the Isolation center, Dennis said;”Yes, in fact she called me that last day and I knew she was going to give up, because she was saying some funny things. She said I should tell my people to go and meet her father so as to finalize our marriage plans, that she’s leaving that place.Asked if he was not scared that he would die form the illness seeing that his Fiancees health was deteriorating, Dennis said;”I personally don’t believe in taking medications. I had the mentality that I wasn’t sick. I told the government what I was experiencing. On the day they came to pick me up for treatment, all of a sudden, my temperature went back to normal. The shivering and pains were all gone. So they decided that they would be checking on me. But it got to a point people stopped selling things to me. It was as if the government got a report that I shouldn’t be around. So, they came and said I should go with them that they wanted to take my blood sample. I went with them and they took my blood sample, I was kept in a ward known as the ‘suspected ward. The result came out and it was positive. I was then taken to a confined ward. One of the doctors from UNICEF, a white lady told me that they were having issues with the results and that they would have to re-run the tests. They did the tests again and it was still positive. I told them that it wasn’t my result and that I was healthy. I was even doing my usual exercises (press-ups) every morning. I kept telling them that I wasn’t sick. They took my blood sample the third time. That night, they told me that I tested negative in the last result and that I don’t have any reason to remain there. That was how I was discharged” he saidSpeaking on what was hapening to his job as he was under isolation, Dennis said;”I was a marketer in an oil and gas company. I worked on commission basis, but at a point, I realized that people were not calling me and when I called they won’t pick my calls. Even the person that I report directly refused to pick my calls and also refused to associate with me. Justina and I just got our jobs, she got hers at First Consultant Hospital and I got mine as a marketer with the oil and gas company.On whether the government or First Consultant Hospital owes late Justina’s family  some form of compensations, Dennis said;”Although, no amount of money they give to the family will bring her back I think the government owes Justina’s family a lot because she died trying to save a situation. Justina died in active service as her death wasn’t natural”.On how his status changed from postive to negative, Dennis said”I was reading a book on healing and taking of the Holy Communion. So I learnt to take Holy Communion morning, afternoon and night. I also engaged myself in feet-washing every day before going to bed. The Almighty God saved me; the Holy Spirit healed me. It wasn’t as though l didn’t fall sick as l had direct contact with Justina but the Almighty God healed me. When I was discharged, I got to my house on Saturday evening and spent two hours the next day, Sunday, thanking God on my own. I didn’t go to church or anywhere because of the already established stigma but today I can confidently attend church activities because I guess they all know I’m free now. I know my faith and belief healed me. God also worked for me apart from the fact that my immune system is also working. I believe I got healed also because friends prayed for me” he said. http://dlvr.it/6mGp2N ff asap

Turkish Super Lig club, Fenerbahce, announced yesterday Friday August 29th that they have released Nigeria defender Joseph Yobo. Fenerbahce announced on their official website that due to restriction in the number of foreign players, the club and Yobo had to part ways.

Both parties mutually agreed to terminate their contract this week on the eve of the start of the Turkish top flight this term.Yobo is now expected to be honoured at Fenerbahce’s opening game of the season against Karabukspor. Continue…

“Since the 2010-2011 season, Nigerian player Joseph Yobo successfully served Fenerbahce. The Football Federation of Turkey has brought about the restriction of foreign players as mandatory as of today so our paths (with Yobo) is separated. Fenerbahçe Sports Club Board of Directors on Sunday, 31 August, 2014 before a match will reward Joseph Yobo with a plaque of appreciation.” Fenerbahce Sports Club, today, thank you for the contribution you have made, we wish you success in (your) future football career,” Fenerbahce stated on their official website http://dlvr.it/6mGCSf ff asap

Closeup, the toothpaste brand that truly represents the aspirations of the “Naija Youths”, recently partnered with the RISE network to celebrate the Nigerian youth at the United Nations International Youth Day which recently took place at the Main Auditorium, University of Lagos, Akoka. 
The event was themed “Youth and Mental Health”. Close up Naija Herbal, one of the leading sponsors of the event provided an opportunity for Nigerian youths to air their voices on issues pertaining to national security, education and governance  via a satirical stage play and an intergenerational debate. Continue…

The event which was hosted by Toyosi Akerele, Founder/CEO of RISE Networks had in attendance as special guests: the Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency, Senator Liyel Imoke, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, MD/CEO, FAMFA Oil and Rose of Sharon Group, Hon. Patrick Obahaigbon, Actress and public personality, Kate Henshaw, Jimi Agbaje Chairman, Jaykay Pharmacy Ltd and a host of others.  Governor Imoke during his address encouraged the youths to take ownership of their future by taking advantage of opportunities available to equip themselves with the necessary skills required to face the future. 
A common theme across the speakers at the event was that Nigeria is a land flowing with vast opportunities and the youths needed to be well poised to take advantage of these opportunities to create a greater Nigeria. Speaking on Closeup’s participation at the event, the Brand Manager, Closeup, Unilever Nig Plc. Mrs Oyinade Ladapo, saidthat “the Closeup Naija Herbal Toothpaste will always support the needs and aspirations of young Nigerians and create more opportunities for the youths to get closer and express themselves more confidently.” The Category Manager, Oral Care, Unilever Nig. Plc Mrs. Oiza Gyang also stated “that the essence of the Naija Herbal gel toothpaste is to empower young Nigerians to confidently express and achieve in all areas. He reiterated that Closeup brand and Unilever Nigeria will continue to provide platforms that further drive excellence in capacity building and human development, critical aspects of nation building.” 
One of the highlights of the event was the Closeup Q & A session from which Anthony Ekene of the Department of Pharmacology emerged as the winner of the new Ipad mini for answering all the questions correctly.
The new Closeup Naija Herbal Gel toothpaste is formulated with Aloe Vera, which serves as an anti-bacterial agent, Mint leaf extract which gives fresh breath and Lemon extract for white teeth.The new close-up variant was specifically designed for the Nigerian consumer and in particular the youths, for confidence and fresh breath.

  http://dlvr.it/6mFfz9 ff asap

from a female LIB reader
I have been married for 10+ years and thought I was happily married till some weeks ago. From the fourth year into my marriage my mom advised us to take on 2 female relatives. One was 22 and the other 13 at that time. In 2010, we noticed that the older of the girls had become so close to my husband to the point that anyone could easily conclude they were intimate. She became rude to me but got closer to my husband and he never saw anything wrong with her attitude. He would take her to school (UNILAG) and pick her up regularly. He would gladly buy the exact items for her and myself whenever he traveled. Several times he gave her large sums without my consent or knowledge but thankfully it all came out through her mom. Continue…

He blurted out once that she had STD and I was quite embarrassed that he would know that about her if nothing was going on. In the end we decided she couldn’t go on living in my house and my mom came to take her away her even though my husband kicked against it furiously. The younger one stayed on and that is now my greatest undoing.

She grew up quickly and she is now 20 and in her second year in University. She recently sent her Dad (who lives in Lagos) a suicide message stating that she was going to kill herself if she is allowed to continue staying with us. Her dad has now called me to say he followed up with the suicide message and she confided in him that my husband disvirgined her at 15 and had continued to sleep with her till she put up some resistance late last year. She said he is also with her roommate and claimed to have seen a message from the girl to my husband implicating him. She also said that she had caught my husband and the older girl that left in 2010 in suspicious positions before the girl was sent away.

I have confronted him with all these and he is not giving tangible reasons to disbelieve the girl. Truth is I know he did these things because of other things the girl told me that I have since confirmed one of which is that he brought a stray girl (18 yrs) into our home under the guise that she was a distant cousin’s daughter. It turned out he met her randomly and merely chatted her up.

My Pastors have intervened and told me all these are true but that “he is a man and will never openly admit it now”. They are asking me to let go for the sake of my children and the marriage. I am however upset that he will get off this easily and the innocent girl will not get justice. Should I cover his sins and appeal to the girl’s father who has indicated that he will do as I advise or should I insist that he is made to apologize to the girl? I keep thinking what if she is my own daughter!! I am at my wits end trying to figure out if I should act as a wife or a mother! Will a good wife cover her husband’s sins??? http://dlvr.it/6mFfrZ ff asap

Have we given up on these girls? The #bringbackourgirls campaign has lessened. http://dlvr.it/6mFfhX ff asap

You will laugh - enjoy reading :-)
Five facts about You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You

1. You’re so lazy You didn’t read all the You’s.
2. You didn’t notice I put a Yoo.
3. You are now looking to find out.
4. You are laughing because you realize there is no ‘Yoo’ and you’ve been tricked.
5. You are going to forward this to others who are like ‘You’!😜. Continue…

I know at least 13 things about you now:
1. You are holding your phone or carrying your laptop
2. You are on LIB
3. You are reading this message.
4. You are human
6. You can’t say the letter “P” without separating your lips
7. You just attempted to do it
8. You are laughing at yourself
9. You either have smiles on your face or you’re thinking ‘what is wrong with Linda this morning?”
10. You skipped No.5 
11. You just checked to see if there is a No.5
12. You are laughing at this because I caught you..

Lol. Just for laughs. Have a stress-free weekend. http://dlvr.it/6mF5bH ff asap

Peace Ambassador Agency presents the 2014 Miss Ambassador for Peace Nigeria/Peace Achievers Award. The countdown has begun for the award winning peace pageant in Nigeria. Meet the 34 contestants representing each state of the federation in the pageant. See the girls after the cut…

It is an annual event articulated to inculcate the culture of peaceful co-existence among our vibrant youths. Over the years, this has grown to become one of the leading vehicles for promoting peace through the Peace Education Campaign in Nigeria and Africa. Miss Ambassador for Peace Nigeria will be hosting her 3rd edition to mark the United Nations World Peace Day. 
 The Peace Achievers Award recognizes individuals and organizations in Nigeria and Africa who have demonstrated strong commitment to capacity and peace building and also upholding the peace message in service to their local communities and the Diaspora at large.As we look forward to 2014 edition, we say a big thank you to all peace loving and patriotic Nigerians who have supported this project, with more support from organizations and individuals like you, we can together build more global partnership for peace.Amb. Kingsley Amafibe disclosed names of distinguished personalities to receive the PEACE AMBASSADOR ACHIEVERS AWARD 2014. 
Such as Engr Emmanuel Mbaka, MD/CEO Platinum Mortgage Bank Ltd (Entrepreneur of the year), Mr. Philip Henry Chike, MD Kryxtal Suites (Youth Advocate), Hon Henry Ogiri, Executive Director, Finance/Admin NDDC(Niger-Delta Man of the year), Hon. Dr Dieziani Allison Madueke, Minister of Petroleum(Niger-Delta Woman of the year), Amb. Dr. Godknows Igali, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Power(Award for Excellence in Leadership) Mrs. Annie Idibia(Actress of the year), Mr. Ibu(Actor of the year), Gandoki (Comedian of the year), Bakam Rachel Kuzayet(Tv Personality of the year), Matilda Duncan(Radio Personality of the year), Mrs. Ann Akpan, MD Mbana House of Styles(Female Designer), Omoniyi Makun, MD Yomi Casual(Male Designer), Mr. Wale Akinlabi, President Good Morning Africa & Planet Radio Tv(Media Icon Award), YSG LIMITED(Entertainment Company of the year), Sani Danja(Music Act of the year), Mr. Collins Adeyemi, Mr. Lucky Ogbokwe, Mayor of Peace, Hon Emeka Ekwueme, Mr. Chris Oputa, MD/CEO Studio 24, Mr. Melody Okwuazu, Uyi Ogbebor, Comrade Erebuoye James, Mr. Paulinus  Oechukwu, Dr. Mohammed .T. Oba, Rev. Dr. Joshua Talena,Senior Pastor,Shepherd’s House Assembly (Peace Builders Award) GEN. IBRAHIM BADAMASI BABANGIDA(LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD)EVENT NAME; MISS AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE NIGERIA/PEACE ACHIEVERS AWARD DATE; 27TH SEPTEMBER 2014, VENUE; SHERATON HOTEL ABUJA,TIME; RED CARPET 5PM,FOR SPONSORSHIP AND RESERVATION CALL; 09098588855, 09031710207 or visit our website @ www.missambassadorforpeace.com. http://dlvr.it/6mF5Sx ff asap

Naughty girl Maheeda models one of Ruggedman’s soon to be launched 8Figures versity jacket from his TSW (Twentieth Sept Wear) collection. See more photos after the cut. If you’re at work, jeje open am o…lol

http://dlvr.it/6mDY1X ff asap

These amazing photos show two lions as they fought to be the King of the Jungle and also for the attention of a lioness in Masa Mara, Kenya and luckily for us photographers were there to take some unbelievable snaps.

The two male lions, who are actually brothers, were captured on camera by Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution, who are French seasoned safari photographers.
“When lions want to overtake a pride, the old lions fight with the new ones. But seeing two lion brothers fighting, one against the other is a very rare sighting. We were very lucky to witness it, and both lions unfortunately ended up with serious wounds. But that’s just what happens in the wild and we would never interfere with nature.” Laurent saidShe also said just 15 minutes after the lions finished scrapping, the triumphant brother went and mated with his lioness as a prize. See photos of the fight after the cut…

http://dlvr.it/6mCyRK ff asap

The infected widow of Dr Iyke Enemoah, the Port Harcourt based doctor who died on Friday August 22nd from Ebola Virus Disease in Port Harcourt Rivers state has been moved to Lagos for proper isolation and treatment. Her 3-months old baby is among the 160 people placed under surveillance in Port Harcourt.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday August 29th in Port Harcourt, the state Commissioner for Health, Sampson Parker, said most of those placed under surveillance at the Port Harcourt Isolation center are medical doctors, nurses and patients Dr Enemoah interacted with at his Samsteel Clinic at Rumuokoro, as well as the Green Hart Hospital where he died.

Dr Enemoah passed away at the Green Hart Hospital after been infected with the deadly virus from an ECOWAS diplomat, Olubukun Koye, who he secretly treated at a hotel in Port Harcourt.

Meanwhile it’s been discovered that the hotel is Mandate Gardens Hotel in Rumunokoro area in Obio/Akpor LGA of Rivers State. People have been advised to avoid the hotel for the time being http://dlvr.it/6mCyLv ff asap

Flytime Promotions, Rhythm 93.7fm, Brownhill and Kountry Kulture presents….the biggest comedy show in Nigeria Bovi- Man on Fire. The first Bovi Man on Fire was held last year at Eko Hotel to a sold out audience. 

This year, Flytime is spicing it up a bit by adding R&B artist Ashanti and Hip Hop Legend Jarule to perform at the show. Patoranking would be performing alongside these 2 artists. Continue…
 Basketmouth would also be Hosting this event. 
Bovi, Man on Fire is taking place October 3rd at the Eko Convention Centre. 
Tickets N5k and N25k for VIP. 
For Tables, Call: 08174565603
Tickets available online at naijaticketshop.com  and also Silverbird Cinemas in VI and Ikeja, Eko Hotel and Ozone Cinemas 
Bovi man on fire is proudly sponsored by Diamond bank and Arik Air. http://dlvr.it/6mCMhp ff asap