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Nick Jonas is promoting his new album by appearing shirtless in Flaunt magazine’s new spread … wearing only underwear … and grabbing his crotch. Makes total sense, right? This JoBro has a good grip on his career.  http://dlvr.it/74xbNH ff asap ff asap

Kobe Bryant teamed up with Kanye West in an Orange County gym Wednesday for a private basketball training session … TMZ Sports has learned. The two met up at The Hub training center and ran drills and played a little hoop before calling it a… http://dlvr.it/74xbKb ff asap ff asap

Charlie Sheen admits he went crazy in a dentist’s chair last week … but insists he was NOT on drugs — he had a horrible reaction to nitrous oxide … and the technician who is making the allegation is just bitter because she was fired for… http://dlvr.it/74xbGS ff asap ff asap

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson says he was a violent bully as a child — and often beat up other kids BADLY — but says he learned to curb his violent tendencies and says it’s time other NFL stars did too. Wilson just penned an article for… http://dlvr.it/74wpbD ff asap ff asap

Justin Bieber is NO JOKE in the skateboarding world — in fact, he’s BETTER than Lil Wayne … so says pro skater Terry Kennedy. Terry knows what the hell he’s talking about — he was the captain of Pharrell’s Ice Cream skateboarding team when… http://dlvr.it/74wpbR ff asap ff asap

NY Giants co-owner Steve Tisch is clearly not worried about the Ebola scare in Dallas — telling us the G-Men have nothing to worry about when they head to Big D to play the Cowboys later this season. Tisch was leaving Dan Tana’s restaurant in… http://dlvr.it/74vzRJ ff asap ff asap

Stop panicking. Don’t drop Tom Brady from your fantasy team. Don’t do it. So says Dean Cain. Watch the video … he’ll explain.  http://dlvr.it/74vBtz ff asap ff asap

Selena Gomez takes one trip to Paris and suddenly she’s a changed woman … who’s apparently settled her blood feud with the Kardashians — and proved it by giving Kris Jenner a ride home.Selena was swarmed by photogs late Wednesday afternoon as she… http://dlvr.it/74vBpf ff asap ff asap

Matthew McConaughey crashed the University of Texas football practice this week — and tried to pump the guys up with the CHEST THUMP from “Wolf Of Wall Street.”Head Coach Charlie Strong invited Matt to practice — since he’s one of the Longhorns’… http://dlvr.it/74tS0b ff asap ff asap

Google is a hypocritical company that victimizes women and enables “habitual pervert predators”… so claim more than a dozen female celebrities who are now threatening to sue.The women are outraged that Google refuses to remove the various hacked… http://dlvr.it/74tRwf ff asap ff asap

Charlie Sheen clearly doesn’t like going to the dentist, because he’s under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly going nuts in a dental chair in a rock cocaine-fueled rage … TMZ has learned.Law enforcement sources tell us… http://dlvr.it/74jbmX ff asap ff asap

Move over Tupac and Biggie … sit down Tara Reid and Paris Hilton … a new celebrity beef has kicked off between “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Jeff Garlin and NFL Hall-of-Famer Warren Sapp and it’s well, really, really, weird.Garlin, who currently… http://dlvr.it/74jbj0 ff asap ff asap

Teresa Giudice will be sentenced Thursday morning … and TMZ has learned she’ll throw herself at the mercy of the court, telling the judge “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is phony and she’s actually real nice.Teresa has filed legal docs in which… http://dlvr.it/74jbd8 ff asap ff asap

We’re finally getting the details from Keyshawn Johnson’s super secret wedding … which included $6,500 designer shoes, a complete cell phone ban … and dinner at a steak joint owned by an NHL God. Here’s the deal … the ex-NFL star tied the knot… http://dlvr.it/74jbXJ ff asap ff asap

The little girl who stopped an Ebola outbreak 20 years ago — in the movies, anyway — is right in the middle of the real life outbreak in Dallas … and she’s terrified it can’t be blocked this time.Kara Bosworth played Rene Russo’s daughter… http://dlvr.it/74jbRB ff asap ff asap